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Bodybuilding – Wrist injuries – 2

therapyroom1 picture and a bodybuilder lifting weights

In part one of the bodybuilding wrist injury series we looked at mobilisation in the early stages, very small ranges of movement to gently stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the wrist. Now we are going to apply slightly more movement and load. Remember that you cannot move onto

Carpal Tunnel Rehab Exercise (pre-post operation)

Carpal tunnel syndrome is described as “the compression of median nerve at the level of the wrist”. The carpal tunnel is made up of the carpal bones and the carpal ligament which call a retinaculum. Under the carpal ligament lies the tendons of hands and forearm, the median nerve and the

Seniors: Metal Bending

picture of a senior woman bending a foam roller

Many of our seniors are gradually losing upper body strength through their forearms and wrist. This is a great Therapyroom1 exercise that will help rebuild muscle strength and increase range of motion in the wrist and forearm. Level: Intermediate Equipment: Foam Roller (2-3 feet long) Exercise Stand or sit with your hands at

Treating Wrist Drop (aka radial nerve palsy)

Wrist Drop is a pathological condition where an injury to the radial nerve results in impaired nerve function causing radial nerve palsy.  The radial nerve carries signals from the brain to the hand so when there is an injury to this nerve then the patient may experience quite a few symptoms which include numbness