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Standing Roll Back

therapyroom1 picture of man bending over and rolling gymball back towards himself

The Standing roll back is a great exercise that we at Therapyroom1 use to help people who have tight hamstrings and back pain stretch easier. This exercise is something that most medical manual therapy disciplines can make use of i.e. physiotherapy, sports therapy and podiatry. Level – Intermediate Equipment – Gym Ball Exercise

Kneeling Side Stretch with a Gym Ball

therapyroom1 picture of a woman doing a side stretch over a gym ball

This is a perfect side exercise for everyone, it can be used in the rehabilitation of the hip before and after surgery or in patients who need to stretch the muscles and tendons at the side of the hip. This rehab exercise is also great for stretching the intercostal muscles

Side Lying Quad Stretch

Therapyroom1 advanced rehab exercise to stretch the quads using a gym ball

Level – End stage/Return to sport Equipment Gym ball, Wall Exercise Stretch out the front of your thigh Kneel upright with the ball pressed firmly against your thigh and hip. Lie sideways over the ball, sliding the knee closest to the ball slightly outwards for comfort, with your top arm resting over the

Armchair Exercise – Hip & Knee Raise

Therapyroom1 picture of a man sitting and raising his knees to chest

The hip and knee raise is a fantastic way in which you can keep all your lower limbs moving, especially if you are disabled, elderly or someone who does very little exercise. You might find it hard at first due to inactivity but once you get the hang of it you

The Bridge – Wide Hip Position

picture of man doing the wide bridge exercise

The Bridge has been used for many years as a great exercise for supporting the back and working the thighs at the same time. We love using it as Therapyroom1 for patients with back pain, however in a controlled manner that you can see in the back and chest rehab

Learning to kneel again

photo of knee rehab using a gymball

This exercise focuses on knee pain and how we can treat it, and I am going to give you an exercise that you can do to help yourself.  At Therapyroom1 we see so many people who are suffering from knee pain, and rehabilitation which is specific to knee pain is key.