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Kneeling Spinal Roll

therapyroom1 picture of a man kneeling and rolling a gym ball

The spinal roll is a perfect exercise for the upper back and shoulders as well as the lower back too. Level – Intermediate Equipment – Gymball, (floor mat optional) Exercise Kneel upright with the ball in front of you Place your hands flat on top of the ball Tuck your chin in to

Standing Roll Back

therapyroom1 picture of man bending over and rolling gymball back towards himself

The Standing roll back is a great exercise that we at Therapyroom1 use to help people who have tight hamstrings and back pain stretch easier. This exercise is something that most medical manual therapy disciplines can make use of i.e. physiotherapy, sports therapy and podiatry. Level – Intermediate Equipment – Gym Ball Exercise

Seniors: Regaining Muscle Control

therapyrom1 picture of a man helped to throw a rehab dart

Most people who know about Therapyroom1 will tell you that we treat mainly sports injuries and they would be right. What is less known and the reason  the need to write this article is that we also do other types of treatment, for example the elderly. As our senior members gradually

Seniors: Metal Bending

picture of a senior woman bending a foam roller

Many of our seniors are gradually losing upper body strength through their forearms and wrist. This is a great Therapyroom1 exercise that will help rebuild muscle strength and increase range of motion in the wrist and forearm. Level: Intermediate Equipment: Foam Roller (2-3 feet long) Exercise Stand or sit with your hands at

Armchair Exercise – Criss Cross

photo of armchair exercise called Criss Cross

The criss cross exercise is one definitely for the hips and possibly knees in some cases. Again this exercise will help stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hip. It is something you can do every day and keep your body moving. We use this exercise as an examination


We have seen many seniors over the past number of years and to be honest I amazed at how we are able to change the lives of many patients who are our seniors and improve their mobility. Many seniors who are at home do not realise just what they can do


At Therapyroom1 we have seen all manner of patients demonstrate calf stretches to us; leaning against a wall, door, kneeling, lunging and each time that we were shown the stretch we offered them the one below and they all said that this actually felt a better stretch. The reason why