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photo of an against gravity knee exercise

For anyone who has had knee rehabilitation treatment, you will know how hard is can be to get the knee working. At Therapyroom1 we have had patients who struggled with strengthening and conditioning of their quadriceps muscles to take an increased load without being weight bearing (standing up on it) and we came up with this one that they could do at home. If you like it you can do it too. This exercise is particularly good for patients who have suffered from partial or total dislocation of the knee and post knee replacement surgery.

Again for the medical therapists amongst you; eccentric, concentric and ecconcentric muscle activity occurring in this exercise.

Level: Intermediate Stage

Equipment: None

Exercise Instructions

Lay on your back with your legs out straight.

Slightly bend your injured knee keeping your heel in contact with the bed/floor and your toes up.

Slowly contract your thigh muscles and raise your foot up 2 inches off the floor (see diagram).

Lower your foot to the ground (table/bed).


Reps Sets) Time (minutes)
7 2 3x daily

Advancement of Exercise

Raise your foot off the ground and hold it up for a count of 3. Gradually you can increase this to a maximum of 10 seconds.

Reps Sets) Time (minutes)
7 2 3x daily

Note:// Below are some injuries which will occur in the knee and if you are suffering from any of these problems will need further treatment call Therapyroom1 for an appointment and do not leave it to get worse.

Types of Injuries

  • Repeated partial dislocation of the knee
  • Lateral (outside) knee pain
  • Patella femoral pain(kneecap)
  • Menisci Tear/Rupture
  • ACL joint injury
  • Hamstring tear
  • Medial thigh pain

NOTE//: Although these exercises are designed to help you help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation that you do not over do the exercises, we might not have diagnosed your injury!

If you feel pain or are worried that you are not doing the exercise properly please call 01522 511834 and make an appointment and see one of our highly trained practitioners.

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