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Autumn is the Podiatrist’s Best Friend

The UK has not seen the best of summer for a while but this year we hope that it will be good enough to make us change our footwear from boots and thicker fabric shoes into more casual ones and open toed sandals.  For many the switch is alright but others is will be time to book appointments with that podiatrist again.

The footwear that we wear often in the summer in many cases are not always right for our feet, as in this picture of a patient of mine, but I often hear the words “its comfy” and that will be the driving factor for wear.  Sadly though whilst many people might want to wear “comfy” footwear, they often forget that how you look after your feet in the summer is totally different to how you would look after your feet in the winter. For example in the summer you wear casual footwear such as slingbacks, slip-ons, crocs or sandals and these mean you will require water based creams as the foot  will get hot and needs to  breathe and moisturized twice daily. This is in comparison to autumn or winter footwear where you would switch to oil based cream and could apply once daily.

So why the podiatrist you might ask; the answer is simply that they are the best people to help your feet transition from summer footwear back to shoes.


  1. Patrick Ricketts (HPC Registered) Chiropodist/Podiatrist

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