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Biomechanics, Orthotics & Insoles

How many reading this page have orthotics and insoles in your footwear; then again how many people have foot pain or ache and can do with a some to relieve foot problems or even back pain? Orthotics and Insoles have many functions and should be considered equally when buying shoes. We pride ourselves in providing expert service producing quality orthotics, shoe and boot modifications. We examine all clients using gait analysis. Our footwear modifications treat clients who suffer from:

Arthritis Post-Polio symptoms Sports-related injuries
Diabetes Pronation or Supination Disorders Plantar fasciitis
Metatarsalgia Heel pain Leg Length Discrepancies
Foot drop Leg Ulceration Bunions
Gout Amputations Knee pain
Stroke Metatarsal fracture Hip or Low Back Condition
Corns Tendonitis