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What is ASMR and how do we at Therapyroom1 use it?

therapyroom1 picture of a man enjoying an asmr massage

In short ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, it’s a phenomenon which is difficult to explain but essentially patients experience through a relaxing tingling in the scalp, back of the neck and also their back a very calming sensation that washes over you. Is ASMR actually real? We use ASMR to

Back Pain or Constipation or Both

therapyroom1 picture of constipation

There are many people suffering from back pain who come to clinics such as Therapyroom1 for treatment, however no matter what we might try e.g. massage, manipulation, mobilisation stretching etc, it just does not work. So what is causing this back pain?  I appreciate that many good therapists like me might

Ooh…I’m Pregnant!

picture of pregnant woman exercising

One of the greatest joys in the world for many women is to become pregnant, yet during pregnancy having a 6lb+ bump constantly hanging out in front of you might not seem so. Women all over the world when pregnant can suffer from severe back or pelvis pain and it

Cricket Injuries Pt 4 (Serratus posterior inferior)

photo of serratus posterior inferior muscle

The serratus posterior inferior muscle connects the lower 4 ribs to four vertebrae (T11, T12, L1, L2) in the low back. In cricket injuries to this muscle will occur when: Pain in the low back when stretching to reach overhead Pain in the low back when twisting at the waist