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Lower Back Pain Release

therapyroom1 picture of a man lying down with his legs up the wall release pack pain

One of the most common things that we see at Therapyroom1 is back pain or for some, sciatica. Now in the world  we live where everything around involves bending forwards  (medically we call this lumbar flexion), you see this everyday.  Technology causes us to lean forward to see our phones,

Gardening Injuries!

therapyroom1 picture of gardening

The sun is out at last!! Out come the sunglasses, flip flops, BBqs and....the lawnmowers, spades, wheelbarrows etc. Already here in the clinic we are starting to see "garden related injuries". For many of us gardening is a summer pastime so that means we probably haven't been out there since about

Kneeling Spinal Roll

therapyroom1 picture of a man kneeling and rolling a gym ball

The spinal roll is a perfect exercise for the upper back and shoulders as well as the lower back too. Level – Intermediate Equipment – Gymball, (floor mat optional) Exercise Kneel upright with the ball in front of you Place your hands flat on top of the ball Tuck your chin in to

Standing Roll Back

therapyroom1 picture of man bending over and rolling gymball back towards himself

The Standing roll back is a great exercise that we at Therapyroom1 use to help people who have tight hamstrings and back pain stretch easier. This exercise is something that most medical manual therapy disciplines can make use of i.e. physiotherapy, sports therapy and podiatry. Level – Intermediate Equipment – Gym Ball Exercise

The Bridge – Wide Hip Position

picture of man doing the wide bridge exercise

The Bridge has been used for many years as a great exercise for supporting the back and working the thighs at the same time. We love using it as Therapyroom1 for patients with back pain, however in a controlled manner that you can see in the back and chest rehab

Ooh…I’m Pregnant!

picture of pregnant woman exercising

One of the greatest joys in the world for many women is to become pregnant, yet during pregnancy having a 6lb+ bump constantly hanging out in front of you might not seem so. Women all over the world when pregnant can suffer from severe back or pelvis pain and it

Gardening Time = Aching Time

photo of seeds plants growing

So you look out into the garden and you spot a bit of grass amongst the weeds and realise against all your gritted teeth that it is spring and time for getting back out there. Well, you know and I do, that gardening is a back breaking and dirty past time,