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Cricket Injuries Pt 4 (Serratus posterior inferior)

photo of serratus posterior inferior muscle

The serratus posterior inferior muscle connects the lower 4 ribs to four vertebrae (T11, T12, L1, L2) in the low back. In cricket injuries to this muscle will occur when: Pain in the low back when stretching to reach overhead Pain in the low back when twisting at the waist

Supported Chest Stretch

The Supported Chest Stretch is an amazing stretch for many of us who need a stretch to warm up or cool down, it will open up your muscles in a way that many exercise or stretches will not.. Again we urge caution that if you are suffering from severe neurological, spinal

Lumbar Mobilisation

There are so many people who suffer back pain everyday and most of the time we can treat them at Therapyroom1, but in all cases we give our patient’s homework and this is one of them. It is a great mobilisation exercise for your lower back and if you can