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Gardening Injuries!

therapyroom1 picture of gardening

The sun is out at last!! Out come the sunglasses, flip flops, BBqs and....the lawnmowers, spades, wheelbarrows etc. Already here in the clinic we are starting to see "garden related injuries". For many of us gardening is a summer pastime so that means we probably haven't been out there since about

What is a Lisfranc Injury?

therapyroom1 picture o of a Lisfranc's injury

The term Lisfranc’s injury was named after a French surgeon called Jacques Lisfranc in the Napoleon era who in 1815 described a quick way of amputating the forefoot in soldiers in the war. His way was to cut through the tarsometarsal (TMT) joint in the midfoot and so avoid cutting

Reducing Foot Ache (Plantar-fasciitis)

picture of a foot doing plantar fasciitis exercise

Many people regardless of age suffer from foot ache. In many cases they have a sharp, burning pain in the soles of usually one foot and focused towards the back end of the arch of that foot.  Pain often occurs after rest where upon immediate standing a sharp “tearing” pain

Gardening Time = Aching Time

photo of seeds plants growing

So you look out into the garden and you spot a bit of grass amongst the weeds and realise against all your gritted teeth that it is spring and time for getting back out there. Well, you know and I do, that gardening is a back breaking and dirty past time,

Single Leg Lunge

The single leg lunge is designed to help athletes increase their strength, stretch and stability movements around the hip. It definitely is an advanced strength and stability late stage rehabilitation that requires and produces: good balance general stability quad strength strong knees Level: Advanced Equipment: Gymball Image Exercise Standing with the ball behind you,