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Gardening Injuries!

therapyroom1 picture of gardening

The sun is out at last!! Out come the sunglasses, flip flops, BBqs and....the lawnmowers, spades, wheelbarrows etc. Already here in the clinic we are starting to see "garden related injuries". For many of us gardening is a summer pastime so that means we probably haven't been out there since about

Seniors: Regaining Muscle Control

therapyrom1 picture of a man helped to throw a rehab dart

Most people who know about Therapyroom1 will tell you that we treat mainly sports injuries and they would be right. What is less known and the reason  the need to write this article is that we also do other types of treatment, for example the elderly. As our senior members gradually

The Quick Drop

therapyroom1 picture of a bike performing and upper body exercise for shoulders

There are so many people who are suffering from shoulder and upper back pain from either work or sport that we at Therapyroom1 decided to share this motor sports exercise we did with you, (thanks to Richard Owen Plumbing for taking part and the Lincoln Enduro Club) Ok got that out

Weights: Those Middle Deltoids

picture of a man holding weights

The deltoids consist of 3 muscles: Anterior Posterior Middle What we see are many people who train with weights focus on their anterior and posterior, yet often poorly when it comes to mid deltoids. Additionally, patients who have suffered from shoulder injuries will often develop rounded shoulders (see more in other

Resisted Cable Push Down

Hey guys, this exercise I am using is a shoulder push down exercise. I use this when clients have shoulder injuries and I need to start putting some power back in to the shoulder in a controlled manner. This exercise is all about control either when you pull down or