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Kneeling Side Stretch with a Gym Ball

therapyroom1 picture of a woman doing a side stretch over a gym ball

This is a perfect side exercise for everyone, it can be used in the rehabilitation of the hip before and after surgery or in patients who need to stretch the muscles and tendons at the side of the hip. This rehab exercise is also great for stretching the intercostal muscles

Assisted Sit-Ups

At Therapyroom1 we know that many patients of ours struggle with core exercises, whether because of low back pain or general abdominal muscle weakness, so we invented a way to help Your core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond our abs, they include everything besides your arms and legs

Ooh…I’m Pregnant!

picture of pregnant woman exercising

One of the greatest joys in the world for many women is to become pregnant, yet during pregnancy having a 6lb+ bump constantly hanging out in front of you might not seem so. Women all over the world when pregnant can suffer from severe back or pelvis pain and it