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Cycling: Back and Hamstring Stretch

therapyroom1 picture of a cyclist doing a back stretch

Cycling is a great sport,  yet the more we cycle, the more we at Therapyroom1 become inundated with injuries.The cyclist is prone to many injuries and the number one cause we get is back and neck pain. Therefor what we are doing in this rehab exercise for you is to

Rooms for rent!

therapyroom1 picture of a room to rent to a physiotherapist

Are you a physiotherapist or counselor looking for somewhere to run your business from? Perhaps you are looking to expand into Lincoln? Here at Therapyroom1, Lincolnshire's leading physical rehabilitation centre, we have room to rent! You would have full use of all facilities, including equipment and our administrative staff should

Bodybuilding – Wrist injuries – 2

therapyroom1 picture and a bodybuilder lifting weights

In part one of the bodybuilding wrist injury series we looked at mobilisation in the early stages, very small ranges of movement to gently stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the wrist. Now we are going to apply slightly more movement and load. Remember that you cannot move onto

Gravity Controlled Adductor Stretch

therapyroom1 picture of a patient standing and legs apart

Many people who have tight hamstrings (back of the thigh) will have tight inner thigh or adductor muscles too; they are linked. The adductors are needed to help you walk or run straight. This is a great stretch that you can do to stretch your inner thigh and it requires very

Horse Riding: Flat back with Knee Raise

picture of a woman on her back performing a back stretch

This exercise is to flatten out your lumbar spine and keep it that way, it is great to use after a ride as your back will take a punishing. When you are on the horse your lumbar spine will be compressed forwards and this will increase spinal curvature in the