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The Quick Drop

therapyroom1 picture of a bike performing and upper body exercise for shoulders

There are so many people who are suffering from shoulder and upper back pain from either work or sport that we at Therapyroom1 decided to share this motor sports exercise we did with you, (thanks to Richard Owen Plumbing for taking part and the Lincoln Enduro Club) Ok got that out

Teams: The Long Lunge

picture of 2 people performing a long lunge exercise

The long lunge exercise is a great hip flexor and quadriceps stretch that is performed in teams but can be performed solo. It works well for sports such as horse riding, jumping, running and cycling etc Level: Late (end) Stage/Return to Sport Equipment: 2 Cones, Long Pole Exercise Place the stick on the

MotorSports – Balance (Late Stage)

photo of balance training for motorbikers

To be honest I never was into motorsports, just fixing injuries until now, and I kinda think I am getting hooked (but I don’t admit it!). Yet so many injuries occur and quite frankly every bone in the body at some time takes a beating so I am not listing

It’s Time To Ride

photo of bikers on a ride

With the winter nearly gone and spring firmly set, yes I said it right, as it is still cold when the sun is not shining, bikers up and down the country are starting to get out and meet for some great rides. Now as this is an injury rehabilitation magazine you


Rules and Description Drag racing is perhaps the fastest, loudest and most spectacular motorsport of all, pitting two cars and drivers against each other to see which can cover a quarter of a mile from a standing start in the quickest time. Drag racing consists of two cars (or motorcycles) who line