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The Quick Drop

therapyroom1 picture of a bike performing and upper body exercise for shoulders

There are so many people who are suffering from shoulder and upper back pain from either work or sport that we at Therapyroom1 decided to share this motor sports exercise we did with you, (thanks to Richard Owen Plumbing for taking part and the Lincoln Enduro Club) Ok got that out

Horse Riding: Upper Back & Shoulder Raise Pt2 (Dynamic Movement)

picture of woman sitting on a gym ball performing a horse riding exercise

There are many horse riders who we have seen with upper back or shoulder injuries which occur in horse riding. Many riders will notice a grinding or clicking when they move their shoulders, this might lead stiffness in the neck also. Once we have examined and diagnosed the injury this is

We Know Sport… The Luge

Therapyroom1 picture of an athlete doing the luge winter-sport rehabilitation

The Luge is a winter sport or street sport (it's included in the Winter Olympic Games). There is a one person or two-person team that rides a flat sled lying supine (face up) and feet first. The sport is usually contested on a specially designed ice track and uses gravity to increase the

Weights: Those Middle Deltoids

picture of a man holding weights

The deltoids consist of 3 muscles: Anterior Posterior Middle What we see are many people who train with weights focus on their anterior and posterior, yet often poorly when it comes to mid deltoids. Additionally, patients who have suffered from shoulder injuries will often develop rounded shoulders (see more in other


therapyroom1 picture of a man lifting weights

Over time we have diagnosed several degenerative sciatic issues in people who want to lift weights; some tried lifting too many, others used the wrong  technique. All in all, we had to fix them and through examination and diagnosis, treatment,  nearly everyone has been able to return to sport. Those


Shoulder pain is one of those expected injuries in swimmers and it become more apparent with poor technique. The subscapularis muscle is the largest of the rotator cuff muscles and most prone to injury in swimmers. Subscapularis is triangular in shape and originates in the scapula. It is located on