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Gravity Controlled Adductor Stretch

therapyroom1 picture of a patient standing and legs apart

Many people who have tight hamstrings (back of the thigh) will have tight inner thigh or adductor muscles too; they are linked. The adductors are needed to help you walk or run straight. This is a great stretch that you can do to stretch your inner thigh and it requires very

Tennis injuries & Sport Therapy

poster of tennis injuries

From rotator cuff tears to patella tendopathy, Therapyroom1 helps with a host of common tennis injuries. Get our expert view below. Wow, tennis is a game which is really gonna take it out of you, but just as it is invigorating and exciting there are high numbers of tennis injuries that

Teams: The Long Lunge

picture of 2 people performing a long lunge exercise

The long lunge exercise is a great hip flexor and quadriceps stretch that is performed in teams but can be performed solo. It works well for sports such as horse riding, jumping, running and cycling etc Level: Late (end) Stage/Return to Sport Equipment: 2 Cones, Long Pole Exercise Place the stick on the

Table Tennis Rules & Injuries

picture of a table tennis table

Rules  Table tennis is a game like lawn tennis that is played on a table.  There are singles (men and women), doubles and mixed doubles tournaments. Players use a small wooden, rubber-coated bat (also known as a paddle) to propel a small hollow ball over a net strung across the table.