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Cricket injuries and Therapyroom1

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With cricket matches taking place all year around there are going to be some serious batting, bowling and fielding injuries taking place and  Therapyroom1 gets it fair share of them.  Here is Therapyroom1’s expert view below.

Therapyroom1’s sports therapists are  on hand both on the field and off the field in the clinic  to help to prevent and minimise the risk of injury on the pitch.

If injuries occur, sports therapy can help with effective diagnosis, treatment, strengthening and conditioning strategies and addressing fitness or muscular imbalances to help players back to cricket as soon as possible.

Current evidence published by the Society of Sports Therapist recommends following the Price guidelines: Protection, Rest/optimal loading, Ice, Compression and Elevation:

  • Protection: splints, taping, modifying activity/relative rest.
  • Optimal loading/rest: gradually loading the tissues in a gentle manner relative to their state of injury and repair. Best done under physiotherapy guidance.
  • Ice: cold compress, cold water immersion in the first 24-48 hours of healing.
  • Compression: strapping, compression garments when appropriate e.g.: acute joint swelling.

A sports therapist or physiotherapist will take a detailed injury history, and assess posture, joint, muscle and nervous system function. They can perform specific tests such as ligament and meniscal tests for knee injuries, or ligament and muscle function tests for shoulder injuries.

The ability to perform essential skills on or off the pitch treatment such as batting and bowling examination, as well as cricket-specific balance and co-ordination tasks will be assessed to ensure that players are match-fit.

Therapyroom1’s ability to provide full rehabilitation in our cricket area of of dedicated sports injury centre is vital to minimise injury recurrence, which can result in longer periods away from play.

In part 2  we go through a few cricket injuries in more detail.

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