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Cycling: Back and Hamstring Stretch

therapyroom1 picture of a cyclist doing a back stretch

Cycling is a great sport,  yet the more we cycle, the more we at Therapyroom1 become inundated with injuries.The cyclist is prone to many injuries and the number one cause we get is back and neck pain. Therefor what we are doing in this rehab exercise for you is to give you a simple, but really effective exercise for your whole back and hamstrings using your bike.

We  previously used an exercise like this to stretch then strengthen the lumbar area of the spine and pelvis.

Level: Early or Beginner Stage/Return to Sport

Equipment: Your Bike!


  • Stand upright with your feet on the ground straddling your bike, knees straight
  • Place your arms by your side
  • Bend and lean forwards over your bike pushing your head towards or over your handlebars
  • Keep your chest low towards your bike frame, try and get your upper body to bend to 90 degrees, or whatever gives you a good stretch (you should be feeling a good stretch in the hamstrings and glutes)
  • Hold for 10-30 seconds
  • Stand back up
  • Repeat
Reps Sets Time (minutes)
5 1  10-30 second intervals

Advancement of Exercise

Squat slightly and push your arms out in front of you as your bend forwards.

Reps Sets Time (seconds)
10 2

Note:// Although these exercises are designed to help you help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation. If you do feel pain or are worried that you are not doing the exercise properly then call 01522 511834 and make an appointment to see one of our highly trained practitioners. Remember we might not have examined you!

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