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Gardening Injuries!

therapyroom1 picture of gardening

The sun is out at last!! Out come the sunglasses, flip flops, BBqs and….the lawnmowers, spades, wheelbarrows etc. Already here in the clinic we are starting to see “garden related injuries”.

For many of us gardening is a summer pastime so that means we probably haven’t been out there since about September time. Is this you? Now, all of a sudden we are pushing lawnmowers about, jumping on and off spades and crawling around the flower beds on our hands and knees getting rid of those weeds.

The garden is starting to look amazing but how are you feeling? Common gardener’s complaints are low  back pain, clicking or  frozen shoulder, burning pains in the knees, painful calves, muscle pains and cramps, neck strain and even headaches from dehydration. 

If any of this sounds familiar then you need to give us a call now and make an appointment to come in and get treated!  You really don’t want to lose any opportunity to get out in that sun because lets face it…it probably wont be here for long.

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