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having a golf physical can show you weaknesses in your game and help you improve your golf

During the off season or when there is a break in the playing of golf all players should consider taking a golf physical. This physical would include sports therapy manual handling or massage, stretching, strength and conditioning. Additionally sports specific training.

Sports or cross-specific training is a reference used to the similarities between a training program and exercises of the athlete’s chosen sport i.e. golf.

Cross-specific training focuses on the training based on the athlete’s anatomical shape, positions, biomechanical movements, and physical requirements of golf. The goal of cross-specific training is to impart a transfer of training effect which is the degree to which a conditioning program directly affects performance of the golfer during competition.

To understand the basic definition of cross-specific training we need to dissect the requirements of a golf conditioning.  The first step in this process is a biomechanical analysis of the golf swing.

The normal golf swing uses the kinetic chain to examine the biomechanical movements throughout the golf swing in a specific order. If the order or timing of these movements is altered the execution of the golf swing will be adversely affected. However adjusting these movements should be based loosely around how your body works too. The generally poor movement will have an adverse effect on the execution of the golf swing thus forcing compensation.

Poor understanding of how to make small bodily changes and using these compensations will lead to a direct effect on the distance, direction, and flight of the golf ball. As a result, it is importance for the golfer to understand how their body works and execute the biomechanics of the golf swing effectively and efficiently.

In order to execute the biomechanics of the golf swing efficiently and effectively one must keep in mind the golfer physical shape, size, height and function of movement.  This physical component is your kinetic chain i.e. the skeletal, muscular, and nervous system of the body supports the execution of the golf swing.

In short: it is the golfer’s body executing the biomechanics of the golf swing, and if certain physical parameters are not present within the kinetic chain, the golf swing will be negatively affected. So we examine it and change it.

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