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Gold physicals are important as they can improve your game

I was over and England Golf in Lincolnshire a short while back to discuss running a series of seminars on “how to improve your golf through rehabilitation” because of the numbers of golfers I have treated with different golfing injuries.

Even whilst I was there and watching golfers that I could notice clear limitations in golf play and how these golfers could improve their golf by simple rehabilitation techniques.

Many golfers who play learn a technique of correct play but that does not take account of body type, shape or restriction of movement, so most people are willing to put up with the injury and/or discomfort in order to play. I thought that was crazy, why not have a golf physical and examine how your body is physically working in order to have a better or great golf game?

For example a curvature in your spine can reduce you back swing or follow through, a stiff neck will limit the distance of your drive. A golf physical with the right practitioner will be able to identify issues which can be fixed or adjusted to improve your game, in fact make it a great game!

Ok so before I bore you with this stuff, let’s get into Golf Rehab and teach you how we treat golf injuries and how you can improve your game with some of these techniques we created at Therapyroom1.

Note:// These exercises that we are giving are based on a full examination and diagnosis first.

Not everyone who says they treat golf injuries are any good. Remember it is easy to say but harder to prove and you want results not mediocre treatment.

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