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Head & Neck Massage

There are many of us who suffer from stress and get headaches either constantly or from time to time. Additionally, there are many who read this might be suffering from neck and upper shoulder pain. Well if any of the above is for you then this is a great self-massage that will help.

This self treatment is great for migraines, jaw ache, dizziness and draining blocked cold


Place the first 2 fingers at the base of your neck just behind the ear

If massaging the left side of your neck, tilt your head to the right side

(and opposite if massaging the right side of the neck)

Taking the 2 fingers slowly press into the side of the neck and make a circular movement with your fingers.

Take your fingers off your neck and then press back in and another small circle into the neck.

Take your fingers off again and move your fingers up the neck slightly towards the head.

Repeat the above steps until you reach the base of the skull.

Start back at the bottom and repeat the steps again. Once completed switch hands and do the other side of the neck if necessary

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