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Hip and Ankle-increasing your range of movement

therapyroom1 picture of a patient with a disability standing with their feet on a balance board

This is a very simple rehabilitation exercise for the hip and ankle which will have a great effect to aid you in walking. The only difference is that you are standing for this and not sitting.

Level – Intermediate

Equipment – Balance board


  • Stand up and place your foot in the centre of a balance board which is under your foot
  • Slightly bend your knee
  • Tilt the balance board to the left and then right
  • (try keep your foot as flat on the balance board as possible and in the middle)

[table id=7 /]

Make it harder

  • Move the balance board about 6-9 inches in front of you and repeat the above exercise

[table id=7 /]

Note:// Although these exercises are designed to help you help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation. If you feel pain, then call 01522 511834 and make an appointment and see one of our highly trained practitioners. Remember we have not examined you!

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