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Ooh…I’m Pregnant!

picture of pregnant woman exercising

One of the greatest joys in the world for many women is to become pregnant, yet during pregnancy having a 6lb+ bump constantly hanging out in front of you might not seem so. Women all over the world when pregnant can suffer from severe back or pelvis pain and it kinda doesn’t feel like “ooh honey, I’m pregnant” more like “SEE WHAT THE HELL YOU DID TO ME!”

Pregnancy plays with your hormones and one hormone for this article is “Relaxin” and like the name suggests it does just that, hence why some women suffer from a condition called Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)

The pubic bones meet at the front of your pelvis and are connected by a dense network of tough tissues photo of the hip in pregnancy(ligaments). Relaxin’s function during pregnancy is to relax, as the name implies. Relaxin relaxes the body’s muscles, joints and ligaments, but often too many of them. Not surprisingly however the effect centres on the joints of the pelvis, allowing them to stretch during delivery. Relaxin also softens and lengthens the cervix and helps smooth muscles relax in the uterus and elsewhere throughout the body. So when you’re trying to push out your baby’s impossibly large head, you will thank relaxin for doing its job.  (During pregnancy it is also released from the placenta, the membranes which surround the foetus),

During pregnancy there a lot of women who will over produce relaxin and find that the pubic joint relaxes a little too much causing the foetus to drop further than it should into the pelvic canal. This shift increase will throw off the mother in many different ways e.g. walking straight, bladder function, sitting and laying down to name a few. Oh hell even sex ain’t gonna happen!

So what we at Therapyroom1 have done is try to create a few exercises that women can do to ease SPD.

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