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Reducing Foot Ache (Plantar-fasciitis)

picture of a foot doing plantar fasciitis exercise

Many people regardless of age suffer from foot ache. In many cases they have a sharp, burning pain in the soles of usually one foot and focused towards the back end of the arch of that foot.  Pain often occurs after rest where upon immediate standing a sharp “tearing” pain occurs. This gradually wears off after time, leading a nagging burning sensation throughout the day.


Place a ball e.g. tennis ball under the front of you foot. Press down onto the ball and roll your foot over ball until it is situated in the back end of the arch of your foot.

Press down again as hard as you can and then relax. Push down again on the ball and roll your foot forwards to the starting position

Repeat this exercise 10 times in the morning and at night

Muscles Used

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