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Seniors: Regaining Muscle Control

therapyrom1 picture of a man helped to throw a rehab dart

Most people who know about Therapyroom1 will tell you that we treat mainly sports injuries and they would be right. What is less known and the reason  the need to write this article is that we also do other types of treatment, for example the elderly.

As our senior members gradually get older for most it means less movement and less strength. What Therapyrom1 is doing is to revive and create programs to enable people who are our seniors (or over 60+ years) to remain mobile and active.

When we think of most physical movements, we often associated it with a preferred limb or dominant side of the body. Lack of movement during age however reduces this dominance. As we get older and less active the understanding of motor programs is somewhat less understood and a stored memory of a movement that the human body previously could perform can easily be forgotten often because of less rehearsal.

In order for revival of these programs to become functional again the nervous system must re-learn past information and the parameters of the movement. Interestingly enough, rehearsal of a limb or group of muscles to perform previously performed tasks is like dart throwing and should become relatively “easy” again

Okay, so in this rehab exercise you will see Kieran our sports therapy assistant working with our patient to play soft darts. Darts is a great workout for regaining upper body strength, hand to eye co-ordination, breathing control etc.  Assistance, repetition and creativity of task is something that we are good at. (Oh yeah; and if you want to know if he hit the target, well after a few tries he did!)

If you need more information about what we can do to support our seniors then call Therapyroom1 today.

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