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There are many young runners who over time have suffered pain in the front of their legs and ankles and in most cases this was attributed to shin splints. Well the muscle for this problem is Tibialis anterior and in this article we look at it from an advanced runner’s stage, you will find this a problem in off road and fell runners. So let’s go fix it!

Level: Late or End Stage

Equipment: balance board and a mat

Muscles Used:

Tibialis Anterior Peroneus Teritious

Exercise Instructions

  • Place a mat on the floor and then the balance board on top of the mat as in the picture.
  •  Kneel down in front of the balance board and place your feet and ankles on the board.
  • Tilt the board for that the end closest your ankles are downwards.
  • Sit back onto your heels.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and then rise up for 10 seconds.
  • Sit back onto your heels again.
  • Hold for 30 seconds and then rise up again for 10 seconds before repeating.
Reps Sets Time (seconds)
3 2

Note://Although these exercises are designed to help you help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation that you do not over do the exercises. If you do feel pain or are worried you are not doing this exercise properly then call 01522 511834 to make an appointment and see one of our highly trained practitioners.

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