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Skin Camouflage

As you know, Therapyroom1 believes that being healthy means the whole body, including the mind. Some people find it difficult to live their life to the fullest for many reasons. One of these could be lack of confidence due to skin problems. People who have an unusual appearance have the right to  live their life without the anxiety or fear of being ignored, physically or verbally abused, harassed, restricted, rejected or ejected. One of the leading charities, Changing Faces is now holding a clinic from Therapyroom1 once a month.

This is what they had to tell us about the charity and what they do:-

Changing Faces helps people who have a condition, mark or scar that affects their appearance to live the life they want.

We provide advice, information and support to individuals and their families, and we campaign for an enlightened society which fully accepts and values people who have a disfigurement.

For more than 40 years, the Skin Camouflage Service has helped people to cover or reduce the visibility of scars, marks and skin conditions, using specialist creams and powder products. Our trained volunteer practitioners are located in clinics across the UK.

 What is the Skin Camouflage Service?

For someone living with scarring or a skin condition that affects their confidence, specialist camouflage products can offer a way to cope. Our service helps people to gain self-confidence and independence.

How does the Skin Camouflage Service work?

Our practitioners select the best colour match for your skin tone. We then show you how to apply the specialist products to improve the appearance of affected areas. We give you a Prescription Request Form at the end of the consultation

There is no charge for a consultation. However, Changing Faces is a charity and the Skin Camouflage Service relies on donations from the public.

All referrals must be made online at

Please ask a health professional to refer you. Self-referrals are only available in certain parts of the UK. Please visit our website for more information.

The products provide effective waterproof cover and can reduce the appearance of a number of skin conditions, including:

Scarring from burns, acne and self-harm etc




Leg veins


Who can benefit from the service?

The service is available to anyone who would like to learn how to apply products to cover scarring or a skin condition.

Skin camouflage is suitable for men, women and children over five, of all ethnicities.

If you think you could benefit from this service visit or speak to your GP. Changing Faces also supports people with the emotional and social effects of looking different.

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