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Patrick Ricketts

CEO and owner
I am the chief medical therapist at Therapyroom1. I studied at 4 universities and in my time focused on causes of injury over symptoms. I am a podiatrist, biomechanist, sports therapist and physical rehabilitation specialist. I also specialize in other areas such as insomnia and neck injuries

Lisa Westwick

Administration Assistant
Hi, my name is Lisa and I am here to assist you when you come to Therapyroom1. I was a teacher before I started working with Patrick and I have brought all my knowledge, so I can keep the therapy staff organised.

Lynn Munro

Office Manager
Hi, I’m Lynn our office manager and I am here to help book your appointments, greet you on arrival and provide administration support. I am also happy to assist with any queries you may have….just give me a call.

Tina Ramsey

Therapy Assistant
Hello, my name is Tina Ramsey and I started working at Therapyroom1 as an assistant therapist in 2017, I have been a carer for the past 5 years and worked with the rehabilitation of people in that time. Therapyroom1 is unique and works in a way that gives more no one does and I am learning whilst I work