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Tennis injuries & Sport Therapy

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From rotator cuff tears to patella tendinopathy, Therapyroom1 helps with a host of common tennis injuries. Get our expert view below.

Wow, tennis is a game which is really gonna take it out of you, but just as it is invigorating and exciting there are high numbers of tennis injuries that occur every year.  However, the impact of tennis injuries can be reduced by careful management of swelling, protection of the injured structures from further injury and by visiting a highly qualified sports therapist.

When an injury occurs tissue damage can be minimized by following the POLICE or PRICE guidelines, standing for protection, optimal loading/rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

  • Protection: splints, taping, crutches, modifying the activity
  • Optimal loading/rest: load the tissues relative to their state of injury and repair
  • Ice: cold compress, cold water immersion
  • Compression: strapping, compression garments
  • Elevation: place injured part higher than the heart

Anti-inflammatories are often given but not recommended in the first 5-7 days after injury, as inflammation is the body’s way of healing.

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