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Triceps Push-Up

The triceps up is designed for the high end athlete who is back in training. This exercise is not easy by any standards and if you do it at home – get a thick carpet under you! This exercise combines balance, strength and agility in one.


  • Racquet Sports – tennis, badminton, squash, racquet ball
  • Swimming
  • Throwing – baseball, basketball, cricket,
  • Pole vaulting
  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Watersports
  • Endurance Sports
  • Ball Sports – netball, volleyball
  • Field Athletics

Level: Advanced

Equipment: Gymball



Starting position:

  • Lie in the prone horizontal position, straight and strong on the ball with legs elevated and together.
  • Neck in line with the spine.
  • Set your shoulder blades and engage your core abdominals (pull your stomach in).
  • Walk out 2 steps with each hand.
  • Place the heels of your hands directly under your shoulders, with your fingers pointing forwards.


  • Bend your elbows towards the ball to lower your chest.
  • Slowly bend your elbows down and towards the ball to lower your chest towards the floor.
  • Press back up.
Reps Sets Time (seconds)
15 2

Advancement of Exercise

Reps Sets Time (seconds)
15 2 Hold 3 seconds each position

Note:// Although these exercises are designed to help you help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation that you do not over do the exercises. If you do feel pain or are worried that you are not doing the exercise properly then please call 01522 511834 to make an appointment and see one of our highly trained practitioners.

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