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Rules and Description

Drag racing is perhaps the fastest, loudest and most spectacular motorsport of all, pitting two cars and drivers against each other to see which can cover a quarter of a mile from a standing start in the quickest time.

Drag racing consists of two cars (or motorcycles) who line up side-by-side on an arrow or straight strip of track or asphalt. When the lights go out they accelerate away to the finish a quarter of a mile away. Most cars are rear-engined and have very large rear slick tyres to give greater contact with the track surface. Some use parachutes at the end of a run to assist with the braking as drag cars can reach speeds of over 330mph/530kph; the races are quickly over with times of less than five seconds being the norm.

In standard competition, the winner of each race progresses through a series of knockout rounds to the final.

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