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Rules and description

Surfing is the sport of riding; described as breaking waves on a surfboard.  Surfers paddle their surfboards out to sea, and turn and “ride” waves before they come back towards the shore.  They start by pushing their boards towards the waves and then mount them to end in a standing position.

The best waves are to be found in Hawaii, often measuring about 9m high.  In competition surfers not only “ride” the waves but must also perform various manoeuvres that are graded and judged according to a difficulty standing.  Surfboards vary in size but are generally taller than the surfer.

They are tapered hollow boards that float and are attached to the surfer’s leg.

Surfers “steer” by adjusting their bodyweight on the board.

There different surfing disciplines, including a men’s and women’s open.

Bodyboarding, where surfers do not get to their feet,

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