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Weighted Side Bend with a ball against a wall

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The Weighted Side Bend with a ball against a wall is a powerful stretch exercise that our patients will perform to increase range of movement to each side of the body.

This rehab exercise was created by us to generate maximum stretch of all muscles from the hip to the shoulders laterally.

We used this for athletes connected with all sports which require increased rotation and shoulder movements for example:

  • Golfer
  • Water polo
  • Tennis,
  • Field athletics – discuss, javelin, shotput, high or long jump
  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts
  • Horse riding

As you can see the list would be endless, however as we said it targets range of motion and you will feel this exercise everywhere, it’s not just hips, but you latissimus dorsi, obliques, trapezius, pectorals, lower back, literally everywhere along that side of the body you are stretching

Equipment: Gym ball, weight ball or 2, 3 4 kg dumb bell

Level: Late/End Stage or Return to sport

Exercise – call therapyroom1 for the correct technique

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Make it harder

Repeat the above exercise … Call Therapyroom1 for the exercise)

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