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Winter Olympics 2018 Competition

therapyroom1 picture of our 2018 winter olympics competition

To celebrate Team GB’s hopeful success and bruises at the 2018 Winter Olympics why not enter our competition where you could receive free treatment at Therapyroom1 as prizes? All you have to do is name an athlete from below and then say which colour medal they will win!


  1. You must name the Team GB athlete, the event final/race and the medal that they win to qualify for entry.
  2. You must name the athlete and the specific  medal (bronze, silver or gold) correctly to win.
  3. Only one entry will be allowed per entrant for the cpmetition, multiple entries will be discarded.
  4. You must predict the athlete and medal they will win up to 3 hours before any final race, entries after this 3-hour period will be discarded.
  5. No one below the age of 16 may enter this competition.
  6. Athlete disqualifications and any subsequently adjusted winning positions will apply to both the perpetrator and victim and do not count in this competition.
  7. This competition is only redeemed in the UK and will last for a period of 1 year and end February 2019.
  8. Winners who get gold, silver and bronze must have monthly consecutive appointments at Therapyroom1 to comply with winning this competition.
  9. All appointments will be for a maximum duration of 30 minutes
  10. The time of the finals will be set up real time and you cannot vote based on your local time zone or scheduled television or electronic viewing.
  11. Therapyroom1 reserve all rights in this competition to withdraw a competitor or selective final at any time, notification will be made to the affected parties.
  12. This competition is fun and should not be taken seriously, it is an offer made on behalf of Therapyroom1.
  13. Therapyroom1 who organised this competition is a Physical Rehabilitation centre offering treatments in Sports injuries, back pain, physical rehabilitation therapy, podiatry and sports massage. If you do not want to receive any of these treatments you may offer prizes to someone else (1 person only) or we advise that you either do not enter this competition or inform us that you will not be accepting a prize.
  14. For clear understanding, Gold medal is 12 treatments, 1 monthly from March 2018, silver is for 6 monthly treatments starting from March 2018, bronze is for 3 monthly treatments starting from March 2018.
  15. In the case where there are more than 5 winners for a specific final, Therapyroom1 will only accept the first five winners who entered the competition.
  16. All entries must be made via the Therapyroom1 Facebook page and only there (
Skeleton Lizzy Yarnold Women’s skeleton
Laura Deas Women’s skeleton
Dom Parsons Men’s skeleton
Jerry Rice Men’s skeleton
Bobsleigh Mica McNeill (Pilot) Women’s bobsleigh
Mica Moore (Brakewoman) Women’s bobsleigh
Lamin Deen (Pilot) Men’s bobsleigh
Brad Hall (Pilot) Men’s bobsleigh
Greg Cackett (Brakemen) Men’s bobsleigh
Joel Fearon (Brakemen) Men’s bobsleigh
Nick Gleeson (Brakemen) Men’s bobsleigh
Andy Matthews (Brakemen) Men’s bobsleigh
Toby Olubi (Brakemen) Men’s bobsleigh
Ben Simons (Brakemen) Men’s bobsleigh

Team Smith

Kyle Smith Men’s curling
Thomas Muirhead Men’s curling
Kyle Waddell Men’s curling
Cammy Smith Men’s curling
Glen Muirhead Men’s curling

Team Muirhead

Eve Muirhead Women’s curling
Anna Sloan Women’s curling
Vicki Adams Women’s curling
Lauren Gray Women’s curling
Kelly Schafer Women’s curling
Figure skating Penny Coomes Ice dancing
Nick Buckland Ice dancing
Short track speed skating Elise Christie Women’s 500m, 1000m, 1500m
Charlotte Gilmartin Women’s 500m, 1000m, 1500m
Kathryn Thomson Women’s 500m, 1000m, 1500m
Joshua Cheetham Men’s 1000m
Farrell Treacy Men’s 1000m
Luge Adam Rosen Men’s singles
Rupert Staudinger Men’s singles
Biathlon Amanda Lightfoot Women’s 7.5km Sprint
Alpine skiing Dave Ryding Men’s slalom
Laurie Taylor Men’s slalom
Charlie Guest Women’s slalom
Alex Tilley Women’s giant slalom and slalom
Cross-country skiing Andrew Musgrave Multiple cross-country
Callum Smith Multiple cross-country
Annika Taylor Multiple cross-country
Andrew Young Multiple cross-country
Freestyle skiing Izzy Atkin Women’s slopestyle
Katie Summerhayes Women’s slopestyle
James Woods Men’s slopestyle
Tyler Harding Men’s slopestyle
Murray Buchan Men’s halfpipe
Peter Speight Men’s halfpipe
Alexander Glavatsky-Yeadon Men’s halfpipe
Rowan Cheshire Women’s halfpipe
Molly Summerhayes Women’s halfpipe
Emily Sarsfield Women’s ski cross
Lloyd Wallace Men’s aerials
Snowboarding Aimee Fuller Women’s slopestyle
Jamie Nicholls Men’s slopestyle
Billy Morgan Men’s slopestyle
Rowan Coultas Men’s slopestyle
Zoe Gillings-Brier Women’s snowboard cross


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