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First off let me just say that Podiatry focuses on more than just nails, hard skin and corns! However we still do nails, hard skin and corns…

Ankle and Foot Injuries 
Skin and foot conditions
Diabetic Testing
Leisure or Sports Specific Orthotics
Leisure or Workwear Insoles
Gait Analysis
Neurological Testing
Sports Podiatry
Podiatric Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation
Taping and Strapping
What we do
Deep Tissue Massage
Musculoskeletal Therapeutic Ultrasound
Manual Therapy
Muscle Stretches
Heat Treatments
Vibration Therapy (including Whole Body Vibration Platform)
Nail cutting & Trimming
Sensation tests (inc temperature & nerve)
Podiatric Physical Therapy
Sports Podiatry
Range of Motion Testing
Exercise Programs
Nail Surgery
Heat Treatment
Diabetes & Rheumatology
Redressing of Ulcerations
Corns & Callouses

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Orthotics & Insoles

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