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Rehabilitation for People with Physical Disabilities

Rehabilitation for People with Physical Disabilities is a unique and life-changing opportunity for the disabled community.

People with disabilities can spend their entire day in the same position, for them stretching, massage and active movements can be a welcome break from pain or lack of movement, potentially offering them some degree of greater independence and pain relief.

When people come to a Theraproom1 health centre our trained practitioners are qualified and experienced with providing high-quality therapy and motivation for people with physical disabilities. We will provide a full examination of their disability and provide the correct therapy at the different stages of rehabilitation. In fact, we have one of the few full equipped rehabilitation gymnasiums in the region to help them get back to peak physical health based on their disability.

We offer 

Individually tailored therapy and rehabilitation programs

  • Massage
  • Upper body Sports/Physical therapy
  • Upper & Lower body Sports/Physical therapy
  • Biomechanical Rehabilitation programs where we can help re-train and adjust how the patient performs their sports movements in order to eliminate the chance to re-injury
  • One Patient to One Practitioner rehabilitation throughout their treatment
  • Gait training (learning to walk, or walking again programs)
  • Muscle Stimulation – (Nerve Conduction and transmission)
  • Neurological Rehabilitation