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At Therapyroom1, we have had some great feedback from what we have done to help others, the odd time there will be one not so great, but you know what, we are going to be honest about them and show you. Hey, we could always lie to you but whats the point, your healthcare is important so you can choose to let us help you or be in a position to be treated by someone else… you are the important one. (we’re just great at what we do!)

Patrick, you are a miracle worker! I can to you and you fixed me and I cannot believe what you did. OMG, after you put me on the vibration platform and then massaged my back on my side I cannot believe the difference. However I cannot get over those head weights thing, my head is so heavy and I am amazed at how good my neck feels, I can turn it from side to side and although it creaks a bit now it feels so much looser and I am sleeping better. I hope to never see you again but if I have back problems you are the only one I am seeing.

Sarah Brown