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We always ask patients to review their treatment that they have received and leave a testimonial on Facebook; good , bad or ugly. This allows for a independent review of treatment.
Rach Hoe reviewed
19 January 2016·
After being pushed from pillar to post by doctors, consultants, physio and other professionals, I had more or less given up hope of my back improving. I had even been told by my gp it was a case of getting on with it and managing the pain! After one session with Patrick I feel a million times better, I went in not being able to bend at all and came out being able to touch my toes! I cannot recommend Patrick enough, finally I have found someone I truly believe can help me! Such a nice friendly environment too!
Dew Dewy reviewed -
18 March ·
Can't thank Patrick enough for my session early this morning (ON A SATURDAY) to get me fit enough to play hockey today!
Not my 1st visit and I always leave feeling a lot better then when arrived.
Highly recommended! �
Raymond Ndhlovu reviewed -
9 April at 19:01
After my session to help with my ligament damage to my knee I have left feeling more informed about my injury and the physio has relieved the restricted movement I had and I feel confident with the plan set out to rehab my knee and actually believe I am gonna get the help I need to sort my knee out rather than the continued waste of time I spent going to the doctors
Kayleigh Smith reviewed -
11 May 2016 ·
Had lower back pain for years tried doctors/physio/hospital but nothing has worked... Had one session on Tuesday evening and he saw what my problem was straight away and worked on it and my back feels better already!!! Hoping after a few more this will keep getting better! Very friendly guy!
Mark Silva - reviewed
11 September 2015 ·
For the first time in two years I have been able to turn my head without neck pain. After only one hr, Patrick was able to release the pain and increase mobility, he then encouraged methods to prevent re occurrence. Money well spent I will be returning.
ames Caseley - 9 March 2016
Great very intelligent and though out back session thanks Patrick
Couple of weeks on and my back is amazing thanks again Patrick