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What is the Medical Difference?

therapyroom1 picture of human blood and a man

What is the difference between sickle cell anemia and sickle cell disease? Because they have one (A) gene, individuals with the trait do not have any medical problems, but they can pass the (S) gene to their children. People with sickle cell disease (SS) inherit two genes for sickle hemoglobin (S) from their parents. They


We have seen many seniors over the past number of years and to be honest I am amazed at how we are able to change the lives of many of these patients  and improve their mobility. Many seniors who are at home do not realise just what they can do for

Supported Chest Stretch

The Supported Chest Stretch is an amazing stretch for many of us who need a stretch to warm up or cool down, it will open up your muscles in a way that many exercise or stretches will not. Again we urge caution that if you are suffering from severe neurological, spinal

Thumb – Mobilisation with Adduction/Abduction (Early Stage)

I wanted to have this topic on this website for a number of reasons: Many people have hand injuries and they just end up settling with permanent discomfort and arthritis. We developed some amazing treatments for the thumb, which actually work and you can do at home too. If you have

Cricket Injuries Pt 3 (Side Strain)

Cricketing side strain can cause a tear of the internal oblique muscle at its point of insertion on the rib or costal cartilage.  It most commonly seen at the insertion of the eleventh rib, or less commonly at the ninth and tenth. Side strains are associated with repetitive arm action. Pain