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Lower Back Pain Release

One of the most common things that we see at Therapyroom1 is back pain or for some, sciatica. Now in the world  we live where everything around involves bending forwards  (medically we call this lumbar flexion), you see this everyday.  Technology causes us to lean forward to see our phones, use an iPad or another form of computer. At home we often sink into a sofa causing our spines to bend as we slump. All this has a resultant effect on tightening the muscles and ligaments of and around the lumbar spine, in some cases even displacing discs in our back too.

So without turning this into a lecture on disc displacement and nerve entrapment or glute weakness, I am just going to give you this exercise and why it works. If you want to learn more lumbar disc damage then read our education section of the website.

Level:             intermediate or preventative

Equipment:  a wall or door


Place some gym mats on the floor, put them up to the edge of the wall.

Lay down and place your legs up the wall, try and get your bottom as close to the wall as possible.

Have your feet or toes facing forwards towards your head.

Stay there for 5-10 minutes only, in the early stage of this exercise, we will use your body weight and gravity to pull down and release the tension in your lower back.

After 5-10 minutes bring your feet down to the ground and get that blood pumping strong again.