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Shin Pain (Tibialis Anterior) when Working From Home

shin pain stretch for tibialis anterior muscle

Since the global lockdown, more and more people are working from home. Sitting for long periods of time at the table or desk without stretching leads to the tightening of the muscles in the lower limb. And this article I be talking about pain in the front of the lower leg and ankles described as shin pain or in fact Tibialis Anterior muscle pain.

Now, I would love to write about this in medical language using words like torque, momentum, dorsiflexion, concentric and eccentric or ground reaction forces. However needless to say this is not that day, so, in non-geek speak here it is:

“Shin pain occurs when the muscle is in spasm due to the reduction or restriction of normal lengthening and contracting of that muscle. Contracting the muscle causes the foot to lift up, and relaxing causes it to bend downwards (toes forwards). This aids in walking.

Every day we our muscles have to move and for them to operate normally we need them to contract, relax and stretch. If we don’t do this, then they ‘lock up’ and a build-up of toxins occurs in the muscle. Remember the removal of toxins from the body requires muscle to act as a pump.”

So in this exercise, we are going to show you an effective way to stretch your shin muscle if you feel they are tightening up

Rehab Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Equipment: Towel, Cushion, or Mat for your knees. A chair to hold onto if necessary


  • Kneel down on the floor (place a towel, cushion, or mat under your knees)
  • Keep your feet out toes pointing away from you
  • Lower yourself down, bringing your bottom to your heel15 seconds and then raise up from sitting back onto your heels
  • Hold that position for 5 – 15 seconds
  • Repeat.
RepsSetsTime (seconds)
3 5-15 seconds hold


  • Although these exercises are designed to help you help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation that you do.
  • Do not overdo these exercises.
  • If you feel pain or are worried that you are not doing the exercise properly then call 01522 511834 and make an appointment and see one of our highly trained practitioners.
  • (COVID-19 – safe distancing, face masks, and gloves must be worn at all times)