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therapyroom1 picture of a man lifting weights

Over time we have diagnosed several degenerative sciatic issues in people who want to lift weights; some tried lifting too many, others used the wrong  technique. All in all, we had to fix them and through examination and diagnosis, treatment,  nearly everyone has been able to return to sport. Those who were stubborn and set in their ways broke down again and came back for more treatment.

Furthermore, we also changed their technique and they are lifting more than before.

So what you will see and learn is how Therapyroom1 breaks down a movement or lift into its components, identifies areas of problems and strengthen that area to enable you to:

  • Treat injuries that you may have
  • Lift more than before
  • Learn a better technique

Rule 1

Everyone has a different body type and so everyone cannot lift the same, learn the technique then adjust to your body type.

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