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Dry Land Swimming (aka Shark Attack)

photo of swimmer doing a dry land swim rehab exercise

One of the things about working with athletes is the way that we at Therapyroom1 come up with such imaginative ways to recreate sports specific exercises and this is one of them we using in swimming. Dry land swimming uses the same muscles in the upper body that you use in the water. We designed this for upper back and shoulder injuries for swimmers and not only does it give you range of movement but also strength and conditioning.

Level: Return to Sport

Equipment: 2 dumbbells 2-5Kg (4-10lbs)

Exercise Instructions

  • Get a hold of some dumbbells.
  • Stand up straight and place each dumbbell in each hand.
  • Move your feet apart 12-18 inches.
  • Bend forwards so that you are at right angles or 90 degrees to your thigh.
  • Raising up your head so you can look forwards start to move your arms in a windmill circular motion.
  • (keep your elbows straight)
  • Swim for 30 seconds, remember there is a shark coming and he is gonna bite your ass!
  • Swim!!!
  • At the end of 30 seconds stand up and shake yourself down. Raise 1 minute then repeat
Reps Sets Time
2 30 seconds

Make it harder

Gradually change the weight of the dumbbells.

Increase the swim time and swim like mad!

Reps Sets Time
2 45 seconds

Note:// Although these exercises are designed for  you to help yourself, we urge caution in all rehabilitation that you do not over do this exercise. If you feel pain or are worried that you’re not doing this exercise correctly then call 01522 511834 and make an appointment to get an examination, diagnosis and treatment from one of our highly trained practitioners.

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